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As the Fintech companies continue to grow in this digital age, they boost the growth of other businesses, especially in connection with SMEs and entrepreneurs across industries.

The top Fintech players in UAE helping SMEs in collecting dues faster:



CC Avenue


Hyper Pay


Tap company


Why is Hylobiz different from other Fintech players?

The following facilities make Hylobiz unique:

With Hylobiz, the financial records of your business have digital footprints, making it easier for you to get credits from partner banks and other financial institutions.

Hylobiz ensures faster payment collections which is cheapest compared to other players.

Connected ERP on Hylobiz platform helps recording and tracking financial data accurately and manage transactions efficiently.

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Digital payments have a positive impact on all small businesses. It is a convenient tool for accepting payment which is secure, fast, lowers the cost to the company and increases company revenue. As per a report — The Digital Payments Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.5% over the forecast period 2020 to 2025.Another survey highlights that while demonetisation brought digital payments into mainstream, GST enabled it further, but it is the Covid-19 pandemic that has really accelerated it, bringing payment by cash down by 50% in 2020.

With ease in technology, easy access to smartphones , government and fintech firms innovative yet convenient tools are offering a ton of opportunities for businesses to grow faster and more efficiently with digital payments. …

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To make this New year momentous, Hylobiz platform offers the premium features, sales and marketing need for an all-round business growth.

Hylobiz automated platform has brought in a revolutionary change adding strong value to the B2B value chain making connected banking a success. The Hylobiz system is highly secured as it offers data encrypting and produces digital certificate.

The platform is integrated with ERP partners and partnered with top banks.

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This is a story of Narayan, an owner of “Jyoti Narayan Distributor”. He and his team had a hard time during pandemic, the cash collection that usually happened in 30–90 days, took almost 6 months. The accounting team were struggling with “managing multiple ERP’s” and manual reconciliation. Narayan was willing to re-strategize and target “niche products” at a lower rate to beat his competitors , but with collection getting delayed, and manual settlement Narayan found it challenging to get a clear view of his working capital. …

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The distribution of digital ledgers on the platform help record, manage, and track financial data accurately. The Hylobiz platform is integrated with ERP partners like Tally, ZOHO and quickbooks and is partnered with multiple banks (HDFC, Kotak, ICICI, Yes Bank) helping accountants and bookkeepers in automatic reconciliation. You can fetch real time update of payables and receivables.

Through our web and mobile app, you can:

  • Create upload and send branded invoices through WhatsApp, SMS, and Email
  • Collect payments faster, safely, and digitally
  • Get reminded of your dues through the automated reminders
  • The Hylobiz sellers can attach a digital payment link of…

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Worldbankon growth projection for UAE states that growth in the UAE is expected to reach to 2.5% by 2022; while world bank projection is supported by government recovery plans, higher oil prices and production capacity with a boost from Dubai Expo2021, another contributing factor to the country’s growth are Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). SME’s the backbone of a country have the potential to create jobs, innovate and contribute to economic growth.

The UAE government strategic planning and vision 2021 highlights offers great support and recovery from pandemic. Looking at the statistics, the government projection for 2021 showcases SME participation in UAE non-oil economy to reach 70% [which is currently over 60%]. …

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Every business to stay ahead of competition and to see better growth and revenue irrespective of the size and industry, needs to focus on its consumers and suppliers, communicate effectively, make right decisions, understand trend, manage data and financial records efficiently, transact accurately, and make long term plans.

Is there a one stop solution that can help businesses to manage all these business requirements and to stay relevant in their game?

Yes, Hylobiz, a digital platform with a magic of automation, is helping businesses to make correct decisions on time, to get the tedious accounting jobs done in just few clicks and help communicate with suppliers and customers professionally and effectively. …

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For any business, it can be overwhelming to deal with multiple ERP’s. And its more challenging for a small business owner or the Accountants teams of medium size enterprises to reconcile and settle all accounts with multiple system in place. Result is — human errors, long tedious manual tasks , mental stress and most importantly lack of real-time visibility of cashflow.

Could there be a system that integrates all ERP’s and Banking transactions offering real-time visibility to my business cashflow? The answer is YES!- Hylobiz.

Empowers your decision with right set of data Assists in eliminating manual task that are prone to error Structure and organize your accounts and contacts Offers you a real-time view to your payables and…

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My father who owns a shop in a district in MP has stopped going for collections since the pandemic started. I asked him — so how do you ensure collection happens? He said — I have stopped doing business with people who are not keen to send money digitally!

What a transformation! I have been asking my father to stop going for collections for a long time, but he didn’t. But now, a psychological change happened. I observed two things here -

  1. Humans with a need for survival adopted a digital transformation.
  2. Businesses who are not keen to adopt “digital channels” are the most widely hit due to the pandemic. …

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As a small business owner, one of the most cost-saving decisions that you can make is to simplify your business accounting process. Keeping track of your business expenses, collect payments from your customers, monitor and evaluate financial reports, and are all accounting tasks, that you may need to handle for your business. It can be overwhelming to handle countless responsibilities of accounts, taxes, and invoices. Here are some useful tips to assist and make your accounting easier-

Payment Collection

The cash flow to your business can only be maintained if you are receiving invoice payments on time. For which one needs to have a branded digital invoice created, send to the supplier via SMS, email or Whatsapp with a payment link. …


Hylo Biz

SME NeoBanking products — Payments receivables, Payables and Credit scoring for SME.

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