Working capital challenges that SMEs can tackle through automation

Irrespective of the industry it operates, maintaining profitability and managing working capital efficiently are important for every SME business to survive and gain competitive advantage.

Working capital= current assets- current liabilities

Currents assets examples: accounts receivables, inventory, investment, cash in hand

Current liabilities examples: operational expenses and debt payments

Why is it important for SMEs to maintain Working capital efficiently?

· To balance between production and demand

· To ensure cash liquidity

· To generate goodwill

Working capital challenges faced by SMEs

· Weak economic base and limited resources

· Hurdles in managing tedious reconciliation process

· Manual tracking and monitoring of accounts receivables and accounts payables

· Balance sheet mismanagement

· Handling multiple payment gateways, multiple ERPs, and accounts

· Chasing invoices manually

· Payment and collections delays

· Lack of visibility of real time cash flow

· Cash flow forecasting

· Obtaining access to financing from traditional banks

How can automation help SMEs tackle working capital challenges?

  1. Scope for expenditure analysis resulting in efficient planning.
  2. Businesses can estimate the requirements of working capital and can enjoy positive working capital.
  3. Perfect management of stocks/inventory helps generate liquid cash.

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Hylobiz- a Fintech start up catching the eyes of small businesses and corporates!

· SMEs/ Corporate businesses can link their existing bank account and existing ERP/ accounting software with Hylobiz seamlessly enabling you to get real time view of cash flow.

· Hylobiz is in partnership with multiple banks and NBFCs and is pre integrated with multiple ERP partners. This ensures quick settlement and automated reconciliation on real time.

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Working capital automated with Hylobiz

2. SMEs can transact (get paid and pay out) anytime anywhere over Hylobiz mobile app over an in-built Soft-POS for card / QR acceptance. The automation of accounts payable enables you to schedule a payment and payout (single/bulk) without delay.

3. You can create/upload branded invoices and send out through WhatsApp, SMS and Hylobiz chat option and get paid through payment collection links in multiple payment modes. You may collect a fixed amount from multiple customers with static payment links.

4. The automated reports enable you to collect payments faster without a miss or a delay.

5. Hylobiz enables you to manage the inventories digitally facilitating in efficient stock management, ensure cash flow and better operational efficiency.

6. The Hylobiz API offers business loans, utility pay outs, insurances, and many more to support SMEs financially.

7. The real time dashboard and automated reports tracks accounts receivable (outstanding invoices) accurately which acts as a collateral for loans. Through invoice discounting, you may avail loans from any bank or from our partner banks. Bajaj finance and Neogrowth Credit Pvt Ltd in lending partnership with Hylobiz offers faster, cheaper, and easier SME working capital loans to businesses.

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