Why did we use the Ionic 5 Hybrid App Framework in our Platform?

Ionic hybrid app Hylobiz

Technology has been a great enabler for the development and growth in any field be it financials, healthcare, education, and many more. In your regular day-to-day life we keep on using multiple apps for different purposes, have we ever imagined how these apps are built so that they can provide the smoothest experience with better performance and interface.

These days developers prefer ionic platforms to build the apps which we are using because of the many reasons involved like lower cost, open and free source, easy to scale, and many more.

So, today in this blog we will be getting some insights directly from our developer that why the Hylobiz app is built using an ionic 5 hybrid framework.

Read the full blog here: https://bit.ly/3sHsbYQ

Hylobiz being a B2B platform, understand the needs of businesses very well and work hard continuously to provide our user with the best platform/app experience along with helping them in scaling up their business game.

To be intact on our vision of simplifying business processes and automating their collections, payouts, and working capital, we used the best ionic hybrid app framework. So, our users can focus on their business core areas without facing any downtime or difficulty with our platform.

Advantage Hybrid app Framework

Let’s discuss how you can level up your business game with Hylobiz top features:

  • Easy ERP integration.
  • e-Invoicing.
  • Pre-integrated payment gateway.
  • Automated AR/AP.
  • Automated payment reminders.
  • Business loans at the lowest interest rates.
  • Real-time dashboard with automated business reports.

We are committed to your security and maintain bank-grade security to make your transactions safe and secure on our platform. We are also an ISO-certified organization.

Read more on our offerings: https://hylo.biz/offerings-sme/

Hylobiz can help your business grow with cutting-edged all-in-one automation solutions.

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Reach us: support@hylo.biz



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