Why did I Come Up with the Hylobiz Marketplace?

In any economy, small and medium businesses are the major contributors to GDP and employment.

Despite being the major contributor, they were not getting access to formal credit, better collection, and automation tools. At that time, every SME-focused fintech company was trying to provide working capital loans. But we at Hylobiz looked at this opportunity a little differently.

In this blog, we have discussed the perspective of Vishal (CEO at Hylobiz) and why did he come up with the Hylobiz marketplace.

We will get our answers from Vishal on What led him to the start of Hylobiz, what Hylobiz is for businesses, our plans, and many more interesting insights.

Read the Full Blog Published Here: https://bit.ly/36Rtr3L

Hylobiz started as a “zero process change” collection and automation payouts for businesses. We add value to their businesses by optimizing their cash flows.

We allow businesses to integrate their existing ERPs in the lowest set-up time. Our solution helps them digitize their processes and bring down their operational costs.

Improve your business with top Hylobiz Marketplace features:

  • Integrate your existing ERP at zero cost.
  • Create an invoice/e-invoice of your choice and attach payment links to them.
  • Automate your AR/AP.
  • Improve customer experience with our pre-integrated payment gateway.
  • 360 control of your business cashflows.
  • Real-time dashboard.
  • Automated business reports.
  • ISO-certified platform

Hylobiz is an all-in-one business automation tool that helps you digitize your business invoicing, collections, and working capital through ERP connect and connected banking.

Grow your Business with Us: https://hylo.biz/contactus/

Sign up today: https://app.hylo.biz/login

Read our blogs: https://hylo.biz/blogs/

Reach us: support@hylo.biz



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