Why am I Bringing Banks to the Platform? — Jayashree’s Perspective

Business Banking with Hylobiz, Banks,

Hylobiz is an ISO-certified fintech digitizing the entire value chain and automating essential business processes involving invoicing, collections, reconciliations, and more.

A registered business can easily integrate bank accounts and ERPs with the platform and get access to services that can save cost, effort, and time. Hylobiz serves the B2B segment in India and UAE and is ready to launch in the US market.

We had a chance to discuss with Jayashree (Founding Member of Hylobiz — Head MEA & Strategic Partnerships) regarding business banking, our collaborations with banks/financial institutions, and her perspectives on the same.

According to Jayashree, there are multiple standalone platforms that offer invoice discounting, Automated reminders, reconciliation, payment gateway, etc., The biggest differentiator with Hylobiz is a single ecosystem that covers an end-to-end B2-B digital financial suite covering the business owner, the business, accounting platform, and banking platform.

We had a detailed discussion with Jayashree and her replies were insightful.

Read the original blog here where we have discussed with Jayashree in detail, the different aspects of business banking and her perspectives: https://hylo.biz/why-am-i-bringing-banks-to-the-platform/

Business Banking with Hylobiz

Hylobiz Features and Benefits- Opening Doors to Newer Opportunities:

  • ERP and account integration.
  • Automated invoicing and collections.
  • Integrated payment gateway.
  • Payment links and automated payment reminders.
  • Single/bulk vendor payouts.
  • Quick settlement and Auto reconciliation.
  • Einvoicing and Eway bill compliance.
  • Shareable digital ledger.
  • Smart dashboard and automated reports.
  • Top-notch security.
  • Support from domain experts.

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We are in a continuous strive to bridge financial services. We are redefining business banking and are on a mission to build a well-knit B2B value chain. If you are yet to digitize your business, do sign up now.

We would like to hear from you.

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