Top Five Ways for Businesses, SME’s and enterprises to get the sparkle back this Diwali

  1. Humans with a need for survival adopted a digital transformation.
  2. Businesses who are not keen to adopt “digital channels” are the most widely hit due to the pandemic.

Get Your invoices Paid Digitally — Invoice Collection

How Digital Collection of Invoices help in boosting Working Capital?

  1. Your business can save time, eliminate manual error and reduce cost with a digital invoice collection
  2. With no paper consumption, you are reducing carbon footprints thereby saving environment
  3. You have better control and insight into your payables and receivables.
  4. You can get paid faster
  5. With the digital collection, you can avoid any disputes or clash.

Send Invoices Digitally — Connected ERPs

How ERP Integration help your businesses in taking it to next level?

  1. You have improved the quality of data
  2. More variables help you in making an informed decision
  3. The manual error gets eliminated, with automation thereby reducing cost

Settle your accounts — Automated Reconciliation

How Automated Reconciliation help in expanding businesses?

  1. Offering visibility and transparency to your transactions and payments
  2. Makes your accounts audit-ready
  3. With tax and compliance rules pre-applied or configured in reconciliation tool, you can improve the quality of financial data and reduce errors

Communicate with Your team — Distribution Network

How a Distribution Network helps businesses in building a brand?

Access your Stock “Digitally” — Inventory Management

How a Stock/Inventory Management would help Businesses in saving money?

  1. If you are into selling stuff that comes with an expiry date, it helps you in not selling or accidentally customer picking an item whose expiry date has reached, helping you in avoiding spoilage
  2. With Stocks accessible on digital platforms, you can categorize that is expired and may be launching a sale or rework on re-strategizing how to clear stock.

How a Stock/Inventory Management would help Businesses in improving cashflow?



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