Top five features Sales and marketing need to use in the year 2021 to grow their business

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To make this New year momentous, Hylobiz platform offers the premium features, sales and marketing need for an all-round business growth.

Hylobiz automated platform has brought in a revolutionary change adding strong value to the B2B value chain making connected banking a success. The Hylobiz system is highly secured as it offers data encrypting and produces digital certificate.

The platform is integrated with ERP partners and partnered with top banks. Automated reconciliations, quick settlements, and automated reports accessible anytime and anywhere make the platform highly beneficial for a business allowing a good flow of fund and helping in healthy informed decisions.

Both sales and marketing play significant role in overall business development and growth. The promotion and selling of goods lie with both marketing and sales department. Customer relationship is an integral part of both these departments.

Top 5 features that can benefit sales and marketing through web and mobile app (click to follow link on Android and Apple store)


Real time business dashboards

Alerts and Reminders

Digital ledger

Cheque and cash tracking

With all the top class features available on the platform Hylobiz will allow you in better payment collections, communicate better with customers and thus reach wider audience, and in lead conversions, customers retention and upselling and perfect sales closer.

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