Top 5 connected banking blog posts that speak about easier access to capital and SME growth

Due to the advancement in technology, banking has evolved a lot. Banks are continuously revamping their platforms and offerings to simplify banking for businesses.

With the help of connected banking, banks can serve their customers with all their products and services on one platform at a low cost. Through this banks can retain more customers and also generate more revenue with different product offerings.

Businesses also enjoy numerous benefits out of connected banking, as they enjoy faster collections of their receivables. It helps them in automating their payments, inventory management and improves business efficiency.

Hylobiz is a fintech startup that helps SMEs in simplifying their business with its tailor-made solutions. SMEs can collect payments faster through its plug-and-play solution that comes with an integrated payment gateway.

It improves business collection efficiency as it offers business customers to pay from multiple payment modes. You can also automate your vendor payments, send automated payment reminders when it becomes due.

You can create invoices of your own choice, attach payment links to invoices. Also, send static payment links to your customers, share them on your social media handles.

On Hylobiz, you can automate your inventory management, get notified about low running items, also improve your cash flows with better inventory management.

Hylobiz offers a dashboard where you can get real-time access to your business health, cash flows, and various other business reports that help in better decision-making.

It offers easy and quick access to business loans at lower rates in partnership with Bajaj Finserv and Neogrowth credit private limited. Also, avail bill discounting and an SME credit card that offers an interest-free credit period of up to 48 days.

Hylobiz is an ISO-certified organization that maintains bank-grade security. All the transactions performed through the platform are safe and secure with two-factor authentication.

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