Top 3 posts that clarify how connected ERP and Bank account can accelerate the efficiency and growth of SME businesses | hylobiz®

SME challenges

  • handling multiple banks, ERPs, and users
  • delay in payments and collections,
  • delay in payment settlements,
  • tedious reconciliations process
  • working in silos
  • little access to capital and technology

SME growth with Fintech

Impact of ERP integration/ connected erp

  • Automation of receivables and payables
  • Efficient data storage and tracking
  • Better management of financial details
  • Accurate data analysis with reports available
  • Strategizing based on available business insights

Impact of account integration/ connected banking

  • Financial services like working capital loans, eKYC, account opening and many more
  • Automated Reconciliations
  • Digital payments and collections
  • Business insights at real-time

Hylobiz boosts SME business through connected banking and connected ERP services

  • Sync invoices automatically from existing ERP. You can also create/ upload and send invoices through multiple communication channels.
  • Attach payment links with the invoices to collect payments on time through multiple payment modes both online and offline. You may also generate static payment links to get paid for a fixed amount repeatedly from multiple clients.
  • Get paid on time with the buzz of automated reminders
  • Get access to working capital loans, pre-approved SME credit cards, invoice / bill discounting, insurance with our financial partners
  • Yes bank and Kotak bank offer connected banking services
  • Get access to integrated payment gateway. You can automate vendor payments, create purchase orders, and pay out without delay
  • Get access to quick settlements and automated reminders
  • The real-time dashboard and automated reports help to provide a visibility of cash flow on real-time and give access to business insights

Top 3 blogs speaking about ERP and account integration in SME growth



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