Three ways businesses can improve their cashflow with Hylobiz

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Are you looking for a perfect system that can guide your business to improve cash flow steadily with time?

Hylobiz connected banking platform can help you understand the long term and short term sources of cash to your business through a well-designed dashboard, can help you manage invoices and get paid on time and automatically reconcile giving a steady flow of cash to the system and improving finances and operations.

Businesses can improve cash flow with Hylobiz:

The Hylobiz platform is integrated with top class business tools like quickbooks, Oracle ERP, coral ERP, ZOHO, Botree Software, Xero, and Tally.

Your business will see an improvement in cash flow when you register on or you download the mobile app from

Three top ways businesses can improve their cash flow with Hylobiz are as under-

· Automated distribution of invoices and reminders

· Online collections facility with cheque / cash reconciliation

· Automated reconciliation with ERPs / Accounting / Invoicing platforms

In addition to above the system allows automated vendor payments strengthened with reminders and bulk pay out options allowing you to be free of liabilities and enjoy improved fund flow to your business.

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