The new year 2022 ushers a new era in the financial sector with fintech

What are the resolutions of Hylobiz towards the safety and prospect of SME businesses?

The banking business and in fact the entire financial sector saw huge turbulence and challenges due to the difficulty of working from the office in covid times and consequent shuffle with remote working, the growing digital mindedness, and sophistication among customers, and the recent regulatory changes taking place and on talk.

Financial sector reimagines with Fintech support

Despite challenges, the banking and financial sector in 2021 has seen growth with digitization and technological support of financial technology companies (fintech).

MobiKwik, Hylobiz, Paytm, PhonePe are some of the Fintech companies functioning in India.

With the support of fintech, banks and NBFCs can

ü Improve customer loyalty base

ü Understand customer demands

ü Reach more customers

ü Satisfy customers better with advanced financial products like insurances, loans, debit and credit cards, investments, and more

Fintech and bank partnerships have supported retail customers, dairy businesses, SME businesses, health care firms, and many more throughout the tough covid pandemic time and have contributed towards their growth.

Hylobiz, a fintech startup, is SME-focused and has contributed to the strengthening of SME businesses in this challenging period through its strategic partnerships with financial institutions and through innovative technologies.

SME businesses will see growth and expansion in 2022

SME sector in India is of immense importance as they influence the economy of the country.

With the advent of fintech and its collaborations with financial institutions, now they get access to better business insights, better data management, automation of accounts processes, automatic reconciliations, payments and collections, business processes, improved cash flow management, digital banking, and easy access to capital.

This new year seems to be majorly a year of further growth and better stability for SME businesses due to raised awareness and growing ease of access to capital and technologies by embracing advanced fintech.

Hylobiz resolves to continue supporting the safe growth of SME businesses this new year with its dynamic features on its secured platform

Hylobiz in last year has overthrown invoicing, billing, account reconciliations, payments, collections, access to credits, and many other SME challenges. Quick onboarding, seamless ERP and account integration, collect payment and auto reconciliation are some of the top-rated features by our existing clients on the platform. Hylobiz is in partnership with top banks and ERPs and allows easy integration of existing ERPs and accounts with the platform.

Your safety is our priority

The one-stop solution is ISO 27001:2013 certified. We take care of the safety and security of SME businesses as we secure their data and transactions through encrypted data, and secured hybrid structure. Your information security and cyber security are our priority. Sign up for free

Top features

The connected banking and connected ERP services on Hylobiz boosts SME businesses with

1. Faster payment collection

2. Better invoice management

3. Automated reconciliations and quick settlements

4. Automated vendor payments

5. Automated inventory management

6. Get access to better cash flow visibility

7. Get access to easy capital with Hylobiz partners

8. Bajaj finance and Neogrowth Credit Pvt Ltd offer working capital loans and business loans to SMEs

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9. Yes bank and Kotak bank give you facilities of connected banking services

10. HDFC bank gives you preapproved SME credit cards

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We are continuously upgrading and coming up with advanced features. 2022 can help your SME business get better ROI, ensure a stronger relationship with clients, partners, and vendors, help reach its goals to grow with Hylobiz.

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