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Are you running an SME business or planning to do so? Looking for easy to use and affordable software to run your business smoothly?

Unlike the olden days a small business today needs to constantly upgrade to compete with other SMEs and large players of the industry.

Understanding the key business areas to focus and choosing the right software will render desired outcome.

We in Hylobiz are continuously endeavouring to provide innovative and friendly solutions to the SME section to integrate ERPs.

Hylobiz deals with the management of invoices and payments through multiple digital payment options, easy payment collection modes, real time trackers, reminders, aggregate account linkages, detailed dashboard, maker- checkers roles to approve purchase orders, and many other advanced features to give your business an exponential growth in a secured platform.

WhatsApp, Google Duo, Google voice calls, zoom are some of the good communication tools.

Tally, MS Excel and online spreadsheets are easy solution to the accounting processes.

Botree Software, SAP SCM and Oracle SCM support the supply chain management solutions.

Office 365 and Google Drive are Document Management Software that help to back up and sync data files across multiple devices

Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the best social media channels to connect and grow

Read the full blog here Originally published on 03-June-2020.

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SME NeoBanking products — Payments receivables, Payables and Credit scoring for SME.

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