Inclusivity at workplace — Inclusive work at Hylobiz

Most leaders agree that inclusion is important, but they feel that it is difficult though not impossible to build an inclusive work environment.

What are the important components of an inclusive work force?

The following are the building blocks of an inclusive work culture:

  1. voice of the employees

The positive impacts of an inclusive work environment

  • Strong employee engagement

Hylobiz nurtures an inclusive work environment- Want to know about Hylobiz work culture?

Hylobiz has a people centric work culture where the employees connect themselves to the company and feel valued and encouraged. The unique selves get importance which acts as an impetus to high productivity

Hylobiz went live on Facebook

Recently Hylobiz went live on Facebook on 10th March this year to discuss on “Inclusive work at Hylobiz”. It was a Women’s Day special video where we talked mostly about women in Hylobiz and highlighted our overall work culture. Our CEO, Mr. Vishal Gupta, Digital strategist, and cofounder Ms Lakshmi Thampi and some of the highly efficient women employees from Technical and Digital team met to discuss about their experiences while working with Hylobiz. The discussion was led by Lakshmi.

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