Hylobiz Product Update Version 1.2.2

Hylobiz Product Updates, e-way Bill, e-Invoicing, settelment API

Hylobiz is a fintech platform offering connected banking services and bridging the financial services for businesses in the B2B segment.

We provide SAAS to automate your business processes.

Hylobiz Product Update Dashboard

We keep updating our product features frequently to make your business smoother with every update and we also love to keep you updated about our product updates.

Hylobiz features and benefits at a glimpse

The platform is ISO certified and digitizes essential processes in businesses. You can integrate your existing accounting platform and bank account with Hylobiz and get access to automated reminders, automated reconciliation, easy invoicing, collections, payouts and more. You can avail easy credits from our financial partners. Hylobiz can support einvoicing and eway bills compliance.

Hylobiz Product Update e-Invoicing Under GST

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Hylobiz updates- Product Release version 1.2.2

The document Number can now be visible across the generated e-Invoice PDF

Customers with multiple GSTINs can add and manage branches with different GSTINs

Vendor Payments through Axis Bank Account

Customers can also access the settlement report via API

Hylobiz Product Update e-way Bill

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