Hylobiz Product Update — Tally Integration and Mobile App are now more powerful! | hylobiz®

Hylobiz Tally Integration — Features and Benefits

  • You need not worry about the “pending” payments, our automated feature would create an invoice for the pending amount and save it in draft.
  • Simply use it and send it to buyer with payment link
  • Offer real-time and granular view to “pending” payments.
  • No need to dissect “which are the pending ones”, with our simpler view you can take action instantly.
  • With Payables and Receivables integration, the Hylobiz Dashboard would be your weapon to boost working capital.
  • Real-time updates on dashboard help you to keep tab on pending payments to be followed up and liabilities to take care of.
  • Summaries save time and help in planning. Get a quick summary report of
  • Total Pending Receivables
  • Total Pending Payables
  • Total Ledger Count

Hylobiz Mobile App Update

  1. Configure & Send Reminders from the App

What Next for Hylobiz Customer in Upcoming Months?

  • Kotak Connected Banking
  • Bajaj Loan Integration
  • Hylobiz Coral Integration



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