Hylobiz Origin Story: Simplifying Business Automation and Finance

Like many other startups, we had a humble start.

With a mission to solve the pain points of businesses, the founding team of Hylobiz presented their brainchild to the business segment of India in 2019. However, the growth path of Hylobiz was not very smooth.

Hylobiz since the period of ideation was unique in its approach compared to the existing players. We started as a “ZERO PROCESS CHANGE” collections and payouts automation solution for businesses in the B2B segment.

In 2018, ​our CEO Vishal Gupta noticed that every SME-focused fintech aimed at providing working capital to businesses. Vishal and our other cofounders, Lakshmi Thampi, Ashish Mahal, and Anurag Rastogi looked at the opportunity in a different and innovative way.

Business automation solution at Hylobiz

They wanted to offer an automated business banking platform to B2B businesses without disturbing their existing workflows.

By 2022, Hylobiz became VISA-ready certified as a part of the Fintech partner connect program. We are an ISO-certified business providing top-notch security to SME businesses. With 3000 plus Sellers and 150,000 buyers connected via hylobiz for their cash management, Hylobiz now works with Vayana Network’s capabilities on enabling working capital for the supply chain networks.

We are a neobank bridging financial services and simplifying business banking. Our stats say, that businesses can see a 40% improvement in collections and working capital efficiencies once they start using the Hylobiz platform.

We help businesses function efficiently and effectively through real-time updates on their business health and cash flows.

Hylobiz serves businesses of all sizes in India and UAE and is about to launch in the US & Indonesia.

Read the original blog here: https://hylo.biz/simplifying-business-automation-and-finance/



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