Hylobiz is live with Tally Integration — Product Update

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The businesses are moving digital, with a new environment comes new challenges of “seamless communication, real-time visibility of transactions and flexibility to accommodate the evolving dimensions of businesses. While a business needs to interact with number of channels, it is time for businesses to integrate their systems letting information flow freely [ with consent]

With Hylobiz Network Of Ledgers, all of the challenges could be overcome. Hylobiz ERP Integration that offers seamless communication among different ERP’s can now communicate with Tally helping traders, businesses in

1. Initiating the transaction in Tally

2. Track the Payments in online and Offline[Cash and Cheque] mode

3. Customize Reminders

4. Auto reconciliation of transactions.

5. Flow of transaction details to ERP like Botree and Quickbook

With the integration , all your Invoice Vouchers created on Tally shall go to their Payers/Customers with a Digital Payment Link. Customers can go to Under Business Settings > Connect to 3rd Party Applications and initiate the Connection with Tally and Hylobiz.

Read the full blog originally published here https://hylo.biz/hylobiz-is-live-with-tally-integration-product-update/

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