Hylobiz Celebrates and Supports Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Women Entrepreneurs in Hylobiz

Today, entrepreneurship can build more opportunities and can bridge the employment gap between men and women in India and across the world. Although most of the startups are run by men, an interesting fact to share here is as, in FY21, the number of MSME enterprises led by women is 1.23crore which indicates that just around 20% of MSME entrepreneurs in India are women.


Challenges faced by Women Entrepreneurs in MSME

· Gender bias in the society and family responsibilities pulling them back

· Stiff competition faced in the market

· Scarcity of funds and raw materials

· Little scope of education

· limited access to technology and resources

· Being more calculative, they have a low risk-taking tendency

· Limited access to capital as the traditional lending system doubts their credibility

Factors leading to the rise of women entrepreneurial businesses

1. Digitization

2. Awareness and facility of social networks

3. Growth of Fintech

Support initiatives by the Government of India for women-led businesses

1. Government of India supports women entrepreneurs through various schemes. Niti Ayog (Women Entrepreneurship Platform) in partnership with SIDBI provides an ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.

Visit the website: https://www.startupindia.gov.in/content/sih/en/government-schemes/Wep.html

2. Some of the Government loan schemes supporting women entrepreneurs include Mudra loan, Stree Shakti Yojana, Mahila Udhyam Nidhi Yojana, and more.

3. STEP scheme to support women’s employability and entrepreneurship capabilities. Visit: https://www.startupindia.gov.in/content/sih/en/government-schemes/support_to_training_and_employment_programme.html

Women entrepreneurs are supported globally- some examples

1. Trachet, a woman-led advisory, and boutique consulting are working at providing a balanced set of advisory and other management opportunities to entrepreneurs irrespective of their gender.

2. Dubai based company FasterCapital is supporting women entrepreneurs: https://fastercapital.com/supporting-women-entrepreneurs.html

3. COWE India supports women entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial development programs, marketing opportunities, and exhibitions, visit the website: https://co-we.com/index.php

4. Fintech companies facilitate women entrepreneurs with digitization, automation of collections, and easy access to credits. Read what women leaders in fintech say: https://fintechmagazine.com/editorial/women-in-fintech-talk-international-womens-day-2022

5. Also read some unusual women’s day initiatives by top companies: https://thehardcopy.co/six-unusual-womens-day-initiatives/?utm_source=mailchimp_thc&utm_medium=email

Hylobiz –fintech support for businesses

Hylobiz is a fintech working expensively in India, UAE, and CEMEA regions and catering to the businesses in the B2B segment. We facilitate SMEs and other businesses to integrate their existing ERP with us. We have partnered with some world-class top ERPs such as Zoho Books, Tally, Innoventry, and many more.

Our connected banking services are live with India’s leading banks like Kotak Mahindra Bank and YES Bank. We also offer business loans in partnership with Bajaj Finserv and Neogrowth credit private limited. Avail business loans from Bajaj Finserv https://bit.ly/bajajfinservbusinessloans

Visit our SME offering page: https://hylo.biz/offerings-sme/

Top Hylobiz features include

· digitization,

· account receivables and payables automation,

· faster collection with payment links and automated reminders,

· easy payouts

· cash flow visibility and auto reconciliation in realtime,

· quick settlements

· automated invoices and inventory management

· access to credits

Read more on Hylobiz features: https://hylo.biz/grow-with-hylobiz/

Read Hylobiz blog: https://hylo.biz/hylobiz-celebrates-and-supports-women-entrepreneurs-and-professionals/

Read Hylobiz blogs for Fintech Solutions: https://hylo.biz/blogs/

Follow us on medium: https://medium.com/@hylobiz

Sneak peek into some interesting Hylobiz facts

· ISO certified platform offering data encryption and 2-factor authentication

· Certified by Visa International

· Free subscription for a lifetime and zero installation cost. Sign up for free and Book a demo

· Competitive transaction cost

Recent blogs:

1. Business lending system https://hylo.biz/how-has-fintech-improved-the-business-lending-system/

2. Invoice discounting https://hylo.biz/hylobiz-what-is-invoice-discounting/

Hylobiz backs up Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals in India

All professionals working with Hylobiz (which is mostly a digital voyage), are encouraged to follow their passion.

Women in business rub their shoulders with Hylobiz to create their own way. Some of our top engaged women clients include:

Woman Entrepreneur | Hylobiz
Olena Kramareva | Founder | Easy Busy Box
Woman Entrepreneur | Hylobiz
Devanshi and Shyamli | Co-founders | FF21
woman entrepreneur | Hylobiz
Archana | Founder | Anvi Earth

Visit: https://hylo.biz/breakthebiaseveryday/

A woman entrepreneur who onboards Hylobiz will get double the credits as a gesture for the onboarding.

If interested, you may write to us at support@hylo.biz

Contact us at: https://hylo.biz/contactus/



SME NeoBanking products — Payments receivables, Payables, and Credit scoring for SMEs. https://hylo.biz/

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Hylo Biz

Hylo Biz

SME NeoBanking products — Payments receivables, Payables, and Credit scoring for SMEs. https://hylo.biz/