How to get the payments faster? Hylobiz expedites payment collections in UAE

Some proven tips to get paid without delay:

- Try to know your customers well.

- Digitize the accounting process

- Send out friendly, polite, and professional reminders,

- Accept payment in multiple forms,

- Quick and automated invoicing can ensure faster payments,

- Send out payment confirmation messages,

It is wise to take the support of a good Fintech platform to digitize and speed up payments through automation and innovation.

What is the most effective but affordable Fintech solution in UAE?

On Hylobiz platform, transaction cost is lowest compared to other Fintech platforms. It offers the facility of zero settlement fees and competitive pricing, giving an affordable but effective solution to your accounting, collection and payment needs.

Some features on Hylobiz worth mention in connection to collections:

a) New business and no accounting system — Hylobiz can support with creating invoices.

b) Send collection links via WhatsApp, SMS, and Email

c) Seamlessly integrate with your website for direct settlement to bank account

d) Schedule invoice reminders with customisable dates and template

e) Manage payments to suppliers with real time dashboard.

f) Collections reconciled with your accounting system and invoice automatically.

Connect with Hylobiz to get paid faster and to avoid bad debts.

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