How is e-Invoicing Strengthening the Future of Businesses?

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E-invoicing under GST has eliminated many problems from the system like fake invoices, fraudulent ITC claims, and data entry errors. It has been a game-changer move by the government, helping both the businesses and the government.

It has streamlined the entire invoicing process by helping them become more compliant with improved business efficiency.

Some of the benefits that lead to strengthening the future of a business with an e-Invoicing system are:

  1. Promote standardization.
  2. Automatic reporting.
  3. Eliminates fake invoices from the system.
  4. Reduction in errors.
  5. Improved collections.
  6. Boost invoice discounting.
  7. Improves overall business efficiency.

Hylobiz is helping businesses become e-invoicing compliant on its platform by offering them reliable e-invoicing solutions with various value-added benefits.

Hylobiz helps businesses automate their invoicing, collections, payments, and reminders.

Some of the Top Features of Hylobiz are:

  1. Connect your existing ERP on Hylobiz in just a few clicks without any cost.
  2. Send/create a proforma invoice, sales invoice, and an e-invoice with attached payment links and share them across social channels.
  3. Get a digital ledger for all your transactions with auto reconciliation directly into your ERP.
  4. Automate your collection with our pre-integrated payment gateway.
  5. Improve your relationship with suppliers by automating your payables.
  6. Track your business health on a real-time basis.
  7. Enjoy 360-degree control over your cashflows.
  8. Avail of business loans at lower rates.
  9. Also, enjoy effortlessly connected banking services on our ISO-certified platform with top-level security and improve your business efficiency.
  10. Grow your business with the Hylobiz automation solution and free up your time from manual reminders and reconciliation.

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SME NeoBanking products — Payments receivables, Payables and Credit scoring for SME.

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Hylo Biz

Hylo Biz

SME NeoBanking products — Payments receivables, Payables and Credit scoring for SME.

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