How Hylobiz is supporting Banks in UAE and offering faster collections to its customers?

Hylobiz, an automated one stop solution offers competitive pricing, digital payments, automated invoicing, collections, and account management boosting growth of businesses, especially SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Any business would be glad to know that the web (Sign up) and the mobile app (Download the app: Android and Apple store) versions of Hylobiz

  1. are highly safe.

2. offer zero settlement charges and are processed in just 2 days.

3. ensure faster payment collection at cheapest rate.

4. offer business onboarding in just one business hour.

With Hylobiz, financial records of businesses get digital footprints, making it easier for them to avail from banks:

1. working capital finance

2. business loans

3. invoice discounting facilities

How Hylobiz supports Banks?

Hylobiz pre integration with ERP provides authenticated data to the Banks on real time basis. The ability to view the distribution channel and counter parties of the customers supports new acquisition.

It also enables the banks to offer:

  1. working capital finance,

2. business loans and invoice discounting based on authenticated data,

How can Hylobiz speed up payment collections for businesses?

Hylobiz can automate a business in just a click irrespective of the ERP/ Bank it uses and can send out reminders to its customers for the recovery of dues. This gives the businesses and their banks, a healthy relation, and a scope to grow together.

Some of the features:

Hylobiz ledger

Alerts and Reminders


Real time business dashboards

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