How connected ERP/accounting software can revolutionize SME businesses?

The important aspects of a business like recording financial data, tracking transactions, handling multiple ERPs and accounts, payments, collections, managing invoices, tracking settlements, and managing reconciliations are tedious and difficult to manage specially with limited resources of an SME business. The SMEs need a strong system to back them up with their accounting, finance, capital access, cash flow, payments, collections, inventory and invoice managements and a lot more.

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Hylobiz- the SME focussed Fintech

Hylobiz is pre integrated with multiple banks and ERPs and allows seamless integration of your existing account and business tools. The fintech start up is SME focussed and offers free subscription at zero set up fee. Low transaction cost reduces your operational expenses.

How is connected ERP on Hylobiz platform simplifying SME businesses?

The platform is already integrated with popular ERP partners like Tally, CORALerp, quickbooks, ZOHO to mention a few.

The real time dashboard enables SMEs to get real time view of their cash flow and improves their liquidity position and working capital efficiency.

An SME business can handle its receivables and payables efficiently by integrating its existing ERP.

You may connect your existing accounting platform with Hylobiz and easily manage your invoices and collections.

For instance, if any business integrates Tally with Hylobiz, the invoice details created on Tally are automatically pulled by Hylobiz platform. You can attach a secured payment link and send out to the right customer for payment collection.

Hylobiz also enables you to create invoices through its web portal/ mobile app versions (Download the app: google play store or app store).

The payments are reconciled on real time. The automated real time reports and essential metrices accessible on the go empower SME businesses with essential insights.

You can share the digital ledger and reports with your customers and vendors.

Top Hylobiz features

ü automate payments and collections,

ü manage audit trail better through automated reconciliations,

ü improve customer relationships,

ü automate vendor payments,

ü automate the management of invoices and inventories,

ü take informed business decisions with access to business health score at your fingertips.

ü to open an account digitally, get access to capital through pre-approved SME credit cards and business loans and achieve financial security through insurances and many more offered by our financial partners.

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Offering ERPs and financial institutions to partner with us.

ü to track the receivables and payables with the help of real time dashboard, quick settlement, and automated reconciliation

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