How can SMEs optimize and improve working capital?

Any business, irrespective of its volume across all verticals, need the support of right business tools to manage working capital efficiently and get rid of cash crunch. An efficient, affordable, and young digital Fintech, like Hylobiz can technically strengthen the working capital of any business.

What is working capital?

Working capital= current assets- current liabilities

Why is management of working capital important?

Management of working capital aims at maintaining cash flow to satisfy short term debt and operational expenses.

Higher the working capital, higher is the operational and functional efficiency of a firm. A very high net working capital enables a business to meet all its short-term obligations.

Challenges faced by SMEs:

Dearth of information regarding finance and regarding account management is faced by many. Lengthy cash cycles and sometimes non payment or delayed payments from clients/ customers cause cash deficiency to run the immediate operational expenses.

How can SMEs deal with their working capital efficiently?

The automated platform optimizes and improves working capital of SMEs, corporates, and other businesses and keeps cash flow problems at bay. Sign up for free.

Features on Hylobiz optimizing working capital:

· With connected ERPs and digital ledger, there is no need of manual data entry.

· You can monitor receivables and payables accurately with the help of real time dashboard and can get paid or pay out right amount accurately on time.

· Quick settlements and automatic reconciliation enable accurate tracking and maintenance of transactions and ensures no loss due to delayed payments and frauds.

· Hylobiz offers free subscription for lifetime and offers low transaction cost.

· You can create/ upload/ send/ manage invoices, attach payment links and get paid through multiple modes. The automated reminders can be sent out to get paid well on time.

· You can pay out to vendors on time and build a better relationship with automated reports.

· The connected ERP and connected banking enable Hylobiz to provide invoice discounting and loans to businesses. The real time dashboard and automated reports on Hylobiz platform display the accounts receivable (outstanding invoices) status which can be used as a collateral for loans from any Bank or NBFC and clearly prove that a business is running smooth and is not a fraud business. The automatic reconciliation and transaction history available on the platform proves that your business is running healthy and helps in availing loan

· The alliance with Bajaj finance and Neogrowth enables Hylobiz to offer SME working capital loans in months to come.

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Hylobiz offers Faster Cheaper Easier Access to working capital.


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