How can SME businesses in the UAE benefit through Hylocollect? | Hylobiz

SME businesses in the UAE benefit through Hylocollect

In an economy, SME businesses are the backbone of the economy and contribute the most to GDP and employment.

Also, SME businesses face challenges related to invoicing, collection, and working capital.

Hylobiz is a business to business fintech startup helping SME businesses with invoicing, collection, and working capital through connected ERP integration tools and API market place.

To improve the businesses collection efficiency in UAE, we have launched a new edge business collection solution called Hylocollect in partnership with Etisalat.

How can Hylocollect help SME businesses?

Hylocollect help SME businesses Hylobiz
  • It will help businesses in digitizing their account receivables through seamless ERP integration. also, improve your collection efficiency and enjoy healthy cash flows.

Visit to know more about Hylocollect:

  • Create invoices on our platform and share them with your customers across social channels.
  • Get a digital ledger for all your transactions with real-time updates. Also, save your accountants time from manual reconciliation, as our platform support auto reconciliation into your ERP.
  • Automate your collections and payables with us and improve your working capital efficiency.

Hylobiz other top features:

  • Automate your payment reminders and enjoy improved collection efficiency.
  • Our dashboard gives you access to real-time business health, cash flows, and multiple business reports that support you in improving your business.
  • Also, get a lifetime free subscription and collect your payments at low transactional costs.

Hylobiz respects your privacy and maintains bank-grade security. We are an ISO-certified organization and ensure multiple-level encryption to make your transaction safe and secure.

Hylobiz improves your collection efficiency.

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SME NeoBanking products — Payments receivables, Payables and Credit scoring for SME.

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Hylo Biz

Hylo Biz

SME NeoBanking products — Payments receivables, Payables and Credit scoring for SME.

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