How Businesses Can Register with Hylobiz?

Time is the most valuable asset a man can spend…

It’s imperative that you spend it WISELY…VERY WISELY!

You could be a Small business owner a Homepreneur or have an Established Business…Howsoever, BIG or SMALL…running your own venture is never easy. There are calls to be answered, orders to be placed, deliveries to be dispatched, services to be provided and in between you have no stock of your account payables and accounts receivables. Time, money, efforts …everything is slipping. What do you do?

Entrepreneurs like you… are carving your own niche and breaking the shackles of traditional ideologies. But there are challenges that crop up at every roundabout.

Let’s take an example…Say if you have a shoe store in a wholesale market and you have your vendor coming in today for delivery…he will need his payment. But your payment is yet to come from that bigger store that you supply to. What do you do?

There are so many invoices to be raised, reconciliations to happen…and all this while the payment status is still unknown. It is a difficult situation to be in.

In another situation…

You may be a Homepreneur having a small group of ladies helping you with your Pickles business. You supply to the neighborhood and take orders from local shops and marts. You do not have a staff to manage your accounts receivables, accounts payables, or reconciliation reports. You need

something quick, something handy, and something easily understandable that becomes your go to payments partner. A channel to manage all of this and beyond. What do you do?

Or, you may have an established Business and you deal with Tires or Auto Parts. But there is no visibility of the Accounts Payables or Receivables or the Stock Levels. You are wasting manpower and time resources to figure things out every day. Your Accounting Software does not even talk freely to the Banks or with your own Dealer Networks. It’s a chaotic place to be in. How far can that go? You need something systemized, something that paves a bridge between the ERP and the Financial Institutes and streamlines all processes. Something that your team understands and so does the dealer who comes from a humble background with limited learning capabilities. What do you do?

This is where you can turn to Hylobiz

What Hylobiz Can Do to Help?

Hylobiz is that simple answer to complicated scenarios like these and many more. Scenarios that are proving detrimental to your growth in all the ways. From physical to mental stress that this causes to the constant pull back from a business perspective…its simply not going right. Unhappy vendors, unhappy customers…and an unhappy you!

We can streamline all your accounts payables, accounts receivables, and reconciliations to give the powers in your hand. Be in the know of everything that you need to know at a button click and be the master of your success journey. Hylobiz integrates with any accounting software that you may be presently using to make things smoother for you from thereon. We bridge the gap between different ERP systems and the complicated legacy systems of traditional banks to ease the flow of payment all across. Payments digitization with Hylobiz is safe, secure, and super fast!

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SME NeoBanking products — Payments receivables, Payables, and Credit scoring for SMEs.

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Hylo Biz

SME NeoBanking products — Payments receivables, Payables, and Credit scoring for SMEs.