Fintech players in UAE helping SMEs in collecting dues faster, and why Hylobiz has an extra edge?

As the Fintech companies continue to grow in this digital age, they boost the growth of other businesses, especially in connection with SMEs and entrepreneurs across industries.

The top Fintech players in UAE helping SMEs in collecting dues faster:



CC Avenue


Hyper Pay


Tap company


Why is Hylobiz different from other Fintech players?

The following facilities make Hylobiz unique:

With Hylobiz, the financial records of your business have digital footprints, making it easier for you to get credits from partner banks and other financial institutions.

Hylobiz ensures faster payment collections which is cheapest compared to other players.

Connected ERP on Hylobiz platform helps recording and tracking financial data accurately and manage transactions efficiently.

Hylobiz system is efficient enough to facilitate immediate onboarding.

Zero settlement fees and settlement happen in just 2 days on Hylobiz platform.

Transaction cost is lowest on Hylobiz solution compared to that on other platforms.

The basket of varied features that gives Hylobiz an extra edge towards faster payment collection:

Hylobiz enables digitization of receivable and payables, automated reports, automated reminders to buyers for credit purchases, automated reconciliations, and settlements in just 2 days and help businesses earn better revenue and model a good long-term plan. The distribution of digital ledgers makes the system accurate and help manage contacts and enable ledger level collections.

· Receivables

· Alerts and Reminders

· Cash and cheque collections

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