Everything you Need to know about e-Invoicing and New Updates

The Indian government has established e-invoice for all B2B transactions carried out by a vendor. All registered taxpayers whose supply/ export goods are worth more than 20 crores need to generate e-invoices under GST compliance from 2017–2018- 2021–22 financial years.

Hylobiz is a B2B fintech, offering trustworthy and efficient electronic invoicing solutions. Easy to connect your ERP and automate your business invoices and collections. 24/7 technical support from our team.

The digital ledger that supports auto-reconciliation for all of your transactions. You can generate an e-Way Bill easily using the previously generated invoices/ e-invoices using the Hylobiz receivables feature. From 1st October 2022, CBIC has made E-Invoicing mandatory for those having an annual turnover of more than 10 crores.

Hylobiz makes it simple to automate the creation of e-invoices and e-way bills in accordance with GST mandate compliance.

To book a demo: https://hylo.biz/book-demo/

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