Everything you need to know about digital ledger- How can it bring transparency in business payments and collections?

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When you sign up on https://hylo.biz/neobank/Register, the Hylobiz system will efficiently record and track every financial information and transaction and there is no need to juggle with manual work, multiple ERPs, and Accounting software.

Hylobiz offers data encryption and digital certificates assuring a high level of security and transparency. The platform allows you to avail credits from its partner banks (in India -HDFC, Kotak, ICICI, Yes Bank) and makes you eligible to obtain credits from other banks and financial institutions. The platform is already integrated with the ERP partners like Tally, quickbooks, ZOHO, coral, Botree Software, and many more.

Digital ledger on Hylobiz platform

The Hylobiz ledgers feature on the platform enables,

ü Statement of Account at contact level

ü Ledger level collections

ü To manage contacts

Various facilities available on Hylobiz

1. Manage multiple Accounts, ERPs, and users.

2. Collect dues on time

3. Digital pay links

4. Import invoices

5. Pay out on time

6. Automated reminders.

7. Create, upload, and send invoices over WhatsApp, SMS, and Email

8. Real time view

9. Automated settlements

10. Account reconciliations

11. Automated reports

12. Understand business health.

13. Manage audit trail.

Hylobiz is running a special promo price from Jan to Mar 2021.

To contact please email us at support@hylo.biz

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