Cash flow efficiency and lending for secondary distribution network-

How Hylobiz builds cashflow efficiency for secondary distribution network?

The net amount of cash that flows in and out of business is termed as cash flow.

The cash flow efficiency of a business is determined by working capital management, inventory management and payment and collections process of a business. Cashflow based lending by Banks and financial institutions is more efficient and safer than traditional lending against assets.

On 17th March, Hylobiz had a live Facebook session on “How Hylobiz builds cashflow efficiency for secondary distribution network?” Our CEO, Mr. Vishal Gupta and Chandrama from Technical team discussed, where Vishal explained every detail on cash flow efficiency and lending in connection to the secondary distribution network and how Hylobiz contributes to this.

Hylo has come up with a solution which primarily intends to help SMEs with their payment and cashflow related issues. The platform that Hylo offers is a simplified tool to basically automate all the payment related activities with a primary focus on digitizing receivables.

It was clear from Vishal’s explanation,

Hylo can support in providing a single view of procurement, payment and collections to SMEs and based on this data, an SME business owner can enjoy faster capital access.

Chandrama concluded the session highlighting, that,

in a country where about 15 million SMEs contribute to apparently 40% of GDP, it is truly satisfying experience to be able to create a platform that can help the SMEs.

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