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How Hylobiz Receivables helps businesses in Digital Collections?

Hi friend! … If you are running a business or if you are a freelancer or a professional, Hylobiz Receivables section can help you get paid faster digitally without any hassle and help your business earn greater Return on Investment in future.

Hitches that mostly a business face in maintaining accounts and in the subsequent payment collection process-

· Tracking Account receivables and payables

· Invoice maintenance

· Payments

· Digital Collection and tracking

· Reconciliation

· Settlements

Why is Digital Collection so important?

To reach more customers, to gain customer satisfaction, to reduce business expenses and to get paid faster digital collection of payment is highly important

The key features of Hylobiz Receivables successfully helping businesses in Digital Payment Collections-

· Link your Accounting Platform

Connect hylobiz with your accounting platform for a complete seamless and automated experience.

· Send invoices on the go

Create or Upload invoices and send them instantly by WhatsApp, SMS, or Email.

· Itemise your Invoice

You can add items in your invoice and let your customers know what they are paying for.

· Customers can pay using any online payment method

Your customers can pay you using Credit / Debit Card, Net Banking and UPI

· Track Payments Easily

Manage your transactions, reconciliations, and settlements

· Customized Checkout UI

Get customized checkout User Interface with your logo.

· Customizable Transactional Charges

You may keep the transactional charges or choose to pass them to your customers

The efficiently designed dashboard and automated reminders in this Neobanking platform helps understanding the business health and helps to retrieve the dues promptly.

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