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In every economy small and medium enterprises are the biggest contributor to their growth and employment generation, that’s why SME’s need to grow their business to take part in supporting their country’s economy.

To grow in long term SME’s need to manage their finances well and digitization plays a vital role in it.

Digitization helps SMEs in many ways in optimizing their working capital by helping them correctly estimating their working capital requirements.

By automating its payables and collections a business enjoys higher profitability and revenue.

It helps a business in accessing their data from anywhere, also provides insights on…

How to collect payment faster for SME operations in UAE?

Hylobiz believes in growing together and foresees a future where SME businesses in UAE grow with us.

Connected banking and connected ERP on Hylobiz

· You can link your existing bank account with Hylobiz seamlessly

· Hylobiz is in partnership with multiple banks and NBFCs

· You can link your existing ERP/ accounting software with Hylobiz

· Hylobiz is pre integrated with multiple ERP partners

The connected ERP feature enables you to get real time view of cash flow. The connected banking ensures quick settlement and automated reconciliation on realtime.

How to collect payments faster?

1. Connect better with your clients.

With the Hylobiz, you can create…

Working capital is the amount used by a business to meet its day to day operations, it represents the financial health of a business. Generally Working capital amount is derived by subtracting current liabilities from current assets of a business.

Working capital formula = Current assets — Current liabilities

Working capital is of prime importance for every business, as it is a key driver for the growth, sustainability and profitability of a business. …

It is important to plan working capital efficiently to manage operational expenses and to meet long term funding requirements.

Let us understand the steps towards building a working capital plan for SMEs

1. Analyze the long term and short-term fund requirements

For effective working capital planning the short-term funding needs (like payroll, rent, etc) and long-term funding needs (like purchase of machinery and real estate, etc) should be checked and assessed.

2. Analyze scenario

You may analyse your external and internal environment by running a SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity and Threat) analysis. …

In January 2021, the Saudi Central Bank “SAMA” announced open banking policy” allowing the fintechs to serve the Financial Service Sector. The MoU signed recently in February 2021, between Central Bank of UAE and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority supports collaboration of financial institutions with Fintechs to strengthen the regulatory and financial development with the pillars of technology and innovation in the country. The open banking policy by CBB and the Bahrain Fintech Bay enable innovation and financial development with growth in Fintech ecosystem.

What is connected banking?

With technological advancement, connected banking allows a fintech and a bank or NBFC in partnership to…

Earlier If a business was not able to manage its working capital then also it was not able to survive in long run but in today’s world a business can optimise its working capital with the help of cutting edge technology solutions provided by fintechs.

Technology has changed the financial services sector drastically and has added value to the small businesses by making their business more efficient and profitable.

These days a business can easily collect payments from its buyers , it can place order with suppliers on the go , also a business can get working capital loan from…

Joseph, a small business owner based out of Bengaluru was in trouble to pay off his shop rent , electricity bills and other day to day expenses as he was not able to manage his inventory, receivables and cash.

Here the problem faced by Joseph is inefficiency to manage working capital. In the same way it is important for every business to give importance to working capital management to keep a check on their profitability and growth.

What is working capital ?

Working capital is a financial tool that measures the operational efficiency and short term liquidity of a business…

SME businesses in UAE saw a steep fall in cash flow with COVID 19 pandemic. According to a study done by PWC ( ), in the first half of 2020, there was 23% deterioration in the average working capital performance of surveyed companies.

What were the key drivers affecting the working capital of SMEs during the pandemic?

· Collection of payments were delayed due to lack of technological and digital back up,

· Increased expenses to manage human resources on remote working mode, for supply chain disruptions, paid subscriptions to multiple ERPs, high transaction costs on payment gateways and losses…

Any business, irrespective of its volume across all verticals, need the support of right business tools to manage working capital efficiently and get rid of cash crunch. An efficient, affordable, and young digital Fintech, like Hylobiz can technically strengthen the working capital of any business.

What is working capital?

Working capital= current assets- current liabilities

Why is management of working capital important?

Management of working capital aims at maintaining cash flow to satisfy short term debt and operational expenses.

Higher the working capital, higher is the operational and functional efficiency of a firm. A very high net working capital enables a business to meet all its short-term obligations.

Challenges faced by…

Cash flow is the total amount of money being transferred into and out of a business. Cash Flow is often known as ‘ lifeblood of a Business ‘.

For SMEs Managing Cash Flows is as important as focusing on Growth and Profitability because many businesses fail due to Cash Flow Inefficiency.

Also due to poor management of Cash Flows, Businesses are not able to Sustain in the long term and hence, they fall under Debt trap.

And, To Manage liquidity in Business it is important to Get Paid Faster from your clients.

Here are Few Tips that can help Businesses…

Hylo Biz

SME NeoBanking products — Payments receivables, Payables and Credit scoring for SME.

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