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On 19 thFeb 2021, Hylobiz released a major change to its user journey.

The release was to help Business Owners, Sales and Accountants to send invoices and get paid without a mandate of KYC, to know more read on -

I just want to send invoices and get paid. Do I need to do KYC?

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Hylobiz, an automated one stop solution offers competitive pricing, digital payments, automated invoicing, collections, and account management boosting growth of businesses, especially SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Any business would be glad to know that the web (Sign up) and the mobile app (Download the app: Android and Apple store) versions of Hylobiz

  1. are highly safe.

2. offer zero settlement charges and are processed in just 2 days.

3. ensure faster payment collection at cheapest rate.

4. offer business onboarding in just one business hour.

With Hylobiz, financial records of businesses get digital footprints, making it easier for them to avail from…

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Two friends who were also running a business in different parts of the country met after long time, after the initial conversation about family and politics, they came to business discussions, here is a snippet of it –

Mr Ashok — I am fed up of the data entry and mismatch of records due to human error.

Mr Iyer — Oh Man! I am mostly occupied in figuring out “Where the invoices went?” They just disappear!

Mr Ashok — Ohh is it, And how do you deal with clunky records and slow processing of your invoice My Iyer? …

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When you sign up on, the Hylobiz system will efficiently record and track every financial information and transaction and there is no need to juggle with manual work, multiple ERPs, and Accounting software.

Hylobiz offers data encryption and digital certificates assuring a high level of security and transparency. The platform allows you to avail credits from its partner banks (in India -HDFC, Kotak, ICICI, Yes Bank) and makes you eligible to obtain credits from other banks and financial institutions. The platform is already integrated with the ERP partners like Tally, quickbooks, ZOHO, coral, Botree Software, and many more.

Digital ledger on Hylobiz platform


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In an internal meeting, our sales team were sharing the feedback and requests from the client, just then one of the senior sales person phone rang. It was one of our esteemed customer — Why am I being charged for UPI transactions? The person on the other side said in such a loud voice that everyone in the meeting room could hear that.

Our skilled sales team then explained him — How the charges work for any transactions, and for us it was time to break the myths for our customers!

Myth # 1 — UPI Transactions are not chargeable

Quick answer — Partially True

Long Answer — NPCI in November 2020 reached 2Bn…

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As the Fintech companies continue to grow in this digital age, they boost the growth of other businesses, especially in connection with SMEs and entrepreneurs across industries.

The top Fintech players in UAE helping SMEs in collecting dues faster:



CC Avenue


Hyper Pay


Tap company


Why is Hylobiz different from other Fintech players?

The following facilities make Hylobiz unique:

With Hylobiz, the financial records of your business have digital footprints, making it easier for you to get credits from partner banks and other financial institutions.

Hylobiz ensures faster payment collections which is cheapest compared to other players.

Connected ERP on Hylobiz platform helps recording and tracking financial…

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Digital payments have a positive impact on all small businesses. It is a convenient tool for accepting payment which is secure, fast, lowers the cost to the company and increases company revenue. As per a report — The Digital Payments Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.5% over the forecast period 2020 to 2025.Another survey highlights that while demonetisation brought digital payments into mainstream, GST enabled it further, but it is the Covid-19 pandemic that has really accelerated it, bringing payment by cash down by 50% in 2020.

With ease in technology, easy access to smartphones …

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To make this New year momentous, Hylobiz platform offers the premium features, sales and marketing need for an all-round business growth.

Hylobiz automated platform has brought in a revolutionary change adding strong value to the B2B value chain making connected banking a success. The Hylobiz system is highly secured as it offers data encrypting and produces digital certificate.

The platform is integrated with ERP partners and partnered with top banks.

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This is a story of Narayan, an owner of “Jyoti Narayan Distributor”. He and his team had a hard time during pandemic, the cash collection that usually happened in 30–90 days, took almost 6 months. The accounting team were struggling with “managing multiple ERP’s” and manual reconciliation. Narayan was willing to re-strategize and target “niche products” at a lower rate to beat his competitors , but with collection getting delayed, and manual settlement Narayan found it challenging to get a clear view of his working capital. …

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The distribution of digital ledgers on the platform help record, manage, and track financial data accurately. The Hylobiz platform is integrated with ERP partners like Tally, ZOHO and quickbooks and is partnered with multiple banks (HDFC, Kotak, ICICI, Yes Bank) helping accountants and bookkeepers in automatic reconciliation. You can fetch real time update of payables and receivables.

Through our web and mobile app, you can:

  • Create upload and send branded invoices through WhatsApp, SMS, and Email
  • Collect payments faster, safely, and digitally
  • Get reminded of your dues through the automated reminders
  • The Hylobiz sellers can attach a digital payment link…

Hylo Biz

SME NeoBanking products — Payments receivables, Payables and Credit scoring for SME.

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