6 Amazing Business Tips for Women Entrepreneurs Starting their Small Businesses

6 amazing business tips for women entrepreneurs starting their small businesses

Women are progressive and their dream to materialize their potential and become financially independent defines why small business for women entrepreneurs is a widely searched topic of late on the internet.

Despite being, tenacious, and intelligent, women across the world face hurdles due to stereotypic thoughts and gender bias in society. Ms. Kaveri, 45, ran into gender bias multiple times since the start of her career. She is an MBA and finally decided to write her own fortune. She is planning to set up her culinary services in Bangalore with a team of seven.

Like Kaveri, many women decide to start or have started entrepreneurial businesses and are going through a phase of gathering stamina, finding answers to queries, and trying hard to know what their roadblocks can be and what can be the possible solutions.

Women Entrepreneurship Challenges in the Small Business Segment

  • Scarcity of capital
  • Little access to education and technology
  • Little participation due to low risk-taking tendencies

Tips for Women Entrepreneurs to make a Successful Small Business

  • Knowing your target customer segment and building a concrete business plan
  • Networking well and building business relationships
  • Taking the support of Government schemes

Niti Ayog (https://www.startupindia.gov.in/content/sih/en/government-schemes/Wep.html) in partnership with SIDBI provides an ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.

Government loan schemes like Mudra loan, Stree Shakti Yojana, and Mahila Udhyam Nidhi Yojana can support you with capital requirements.

  1. Automating your business processes
    Hylobiz is a fintech start-up that can take care of the required technical nitty-gritty and help you in business process automation.
  2. Taking the right business decision
    Hylobiz can help you make informed decisions anytime anywhere with automated reports, a business dashboard, a digital ledger, and a business health score.
  3. Accessing capital through reliable means
    Hylobiz is in alliance with multiple banks and NBFCs and can help in giving you access to collateral-free loans from lending partners.

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Women Entrepreneurs are Supported by Hylobiz

Hylobiz is now offering extra SMS and WhatsApp credits exclusively to women entrepreneurs to send out payment reminders and communicate easily with customers.

Visit: https://hylo.biz/breakthebiaseveryday/

To know about how Hylobiz can help you,
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Top features of Hylobiz:

  • Visa certified
  • ISO certified
  • Safe, secured, and reliable with 360-degree customer support
  • Pre-integrated ERPs and alliance with banks/NBFCs
  • Easy integration with existing ERPs and accounts
  • e-Invoicing powered by Vayana GSP- India’s largest GST Suvidha Provider
  • Automated invoice and inventory management
  • Realtime cash flow visibility and track of AR/AP
  • Auto reconciliations
  • Auto reminders
  • Real-time dashboard and automated reports
  • Strong data security
  • Automated payments and collections
  • Sharable digital ledger

Visit our SME offering page: https://hylo.biz/offerings-sme/

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So, quickly grab the chance to earn the extra credits and automate your business process with Hylobiz and you will be able to stay ahead of the competition.

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