5 ways Hylobiz simplifies an accountant’s workday

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An accountant’s job typically includes-

· Maintaining and organizing the financial records

· Ensuring vendor payments, tax payments and ensuring payment of employee salaries happen on time

· Invoice customers or clients, check for the receivables and ensure collection is done on time

· Preparing journals, ledgers, balance sheet and finally check discrepancies and reconcile the differences. The journal entries should be done on regular basis to avoid errors

· Analyse risk and help improve business efficiency

Hylobiz connected banking platform through its distributed system of ledgers is the best friend of Accountants. You will feel relaxed to know that it is already a preferred tool of many Accountants in India and UAE both in small businesses and in big corporates across several industries. The Finance and Accounting professionals have often shared that the automated and integrated Hylobiz platform has made their task easy and free from errors. The innovative, well designed, transparent Hylobiz platform is a one stop automated solution for several accounting needs. The collections automation on the system can help you manage invoices, get paid on time and get reconciliations and settlements done automatically.

Your work becomes simple and error free when you register on https://hylo.biz/neobank/Register or you download the mobile app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hylobiz.biz&hl=en

Why shall the Accountants use Hylobiz?

Once you start using Hylobiz platform you will see the magic of automation. The level of manual work you do at present will decrease significantly and will help you focus in analysing the business health with the available reports and effectively help the business see a steep growth.

The top 5 ways Hylobiz simplifies an accountant’s workday are as under:

· Automated sync with your ERPs/Accounting platform

· Automated distribution of invoices and reminders

· Online collections facility with cheque / cash reconciliation

· Easy pay out process

· Automated reconciliation with ERPs / Accounting / Invoicing platforms

The distributed digital ledger (account statement distribution) on Hylobiz platform can be configured for auto distribution to the business partners

To know more and to get connected please email at support@hylo.biz

Read the blog originally published here : https://hylo.biz/5-ways-hylobiz-simplifies-an-accountants-workday/

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