5 tips to help digitize your vendor payment process

All businesses for a steady working capital and stable performance need to redesign their Accounting system from a paper-based method to a digital system.

Why do you think that your business needs a digitization of its vendor payment process?

If the vendor payment process goes digital then,

· You can always be ready for audit,

· Automatically track your payment dues,

· You can pay out easily and confidently,

· Achieve better fund flow to business.

· Save time and enjoy accuracy and efficiency.

How do you digitize your vendor payment process?

1. Do a little research on how the current process in your business is and what is your need.

2. You need to research which platform gives you satisfactory level of automation, security, and accuracy.

3. To pay on time, you need to get reminded.

4. Integration of your existing ERP, Accounts, and users.

5. It is important to choose a solution that can support multiple payment modes.

How Hylobiz can help?

Multiple businesses across industries who use Hylobiz can,

· Manage and track financial records,

· analyse business health,

· collect payments in part or in full online or offline,

· pay out on time digitally to

1. vendors or suppliers

2. utility bill payments and petty cash payments

3. rent payments,

4. salary payments and reimbursement

5. internal payments towards business expenses

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Related features on Hylobiz platform that help in digitization of vendor payment process:

Payables feature

Real time dashboard

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